The Woman

Abbie Quansah started up-cycling wine bottles in 2018 as a self taught hobby. She created handmade, personal, and unique gifts for her fellow wine-lover family and friends and would donate her products to charities to support fundraisers. 

When COVID-19 pandemic escalated in 2020, she re-visited this hobby as a form of emotional therapy to help her get through a difficult year. After many positive feedback and received great support of her work, the wine-lover decided to turn her hobby into a business and opened her online store in October 2020.

Friends, family, and local residents began to save, clean, and donate their empty bottles to the environmentally-friendly business. The business momentum became a sign of encouragement and it fueled her to become resilient and determined to grow the business while bringing a little light to others during their darkest days. 

Her vision and her love for wine --  Wine Not Upcycle was born.



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