Custom Orders

We are accepting requests for custom orders on a case-by-case basis and are happy to help customize your product to accommodate your needs exactly.

  • If you own a winery, restaurant, bar, or have collected a bulk of glass bottles and need them cut to be used as drinking glasses, vases, candle holders, planters, etc., contact us for a discounted rate! You will ship your glass bottles to us, we will cut them for you, and will return them in the packaging you sent.
  • If you have a specialty bottle(s) or a really nice bottle you have kept after a special occasion or just like the bottle design and do not want to throw them away, we can repurpose them for you as a new sentimental product you can reuse and keep forever! This would be charged at a higher price due to its sentimental value and requires extra care.

We will discuss your custom order and will issue a quote. The quote will reflect the labor cost, processing, additional materials (if needed), and producing your custom order. If you agree with the quote, we will follow up with an invoice. Full payment is required before working on your order.

If expedited requests are required, an additional cost may be added so please ensure you contact us within a reasonable timeline. 

Custom orders could take up to 6 weeks depending on the volume of work and the complexity of the order. Please ensure you contact us within a reasonable timeframe if you have a large order with a desired timeline. 

Please keep in mind that while we try our best to handcraft your item to the best of our ability, there may be requests that we will not accept if they are too complex.

Once processing begins, orders cannot be altered, cancelled, or returned for refund or exchange. 



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