Our Story

Drink the Wine. Reuse the Bottle.

We bring bottles back to life. 

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This black-owned, woman-owned business, located in Los Angeles, California, upcycles glass bottles collected from various sources such as restaurants, bars, wineries, and local communities and turns them into unique, high-quality items.
By collecting, cleaning, and reshaping discarded glass bottles, our glassware and all other products contribute to an environmentally sustainable venture by minimizing the carbon footprint and reducing post-consumer waste in the landfill. We promote creative repurposed alternatives that are unique and appealing to a modern lifestyle. Our range of products include drinking glasses, vases, candles, candle holders, decorative items, and more! 

Meet The Founder. 

Of course, it all started with a glass of wine.

Meet the founder
Abbie Quansah

When I first started my business in repurposing wine bottles, it was a result from enjoying a glass of wine and acknowledging the unique shapes and colors of wine bottles sitting on the table, waiting to be discarded. One day, that moment sparked an idea – why not upcycle the bottles and transform them into something new and beautiful instead of throwing them away?

I started experimenting with different techniques, starting with painting, and decorating the bottles as centerpieces or home decor. I continued to ponder new ideas and I learned new skills by cutting and shaping the bottles into elegant vases, candles, and other useful and decorative items. As I shared my creations with friends and family, their enthusiasm and positive feedback inspired me to take my hobby to the next level. It was not until the start of the pandemic in 2020, where my personal artistic passion, colliding with a creative idea that would contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle, that made me into the creative entrepreneur I am today and started Wine Not Upcycle.



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