Recycled Wine Cork Halves for Crafts Corks Wine Not Upcycle

Bulk Used Wine Cork Halves Assorted, Different Vineyards, Pre-cut Corks for Wine Crafting Decor Homemade Wine & DIY Arts

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About the Product:

  • Premium precut halves perfect for varying crafts.
  • Corks are hand cut in order to preserve vineyard markings and hallmarks and will vary in size.
  • All natural corks, no synthetics and in very good condition. 
  • Only wine corks, no champagne or sparkling wine corks.

Buy a bulk of 50 up to 1000 recycled halves of corks assorted from a variety of vineyards around the world. Cork halves are pre-cut and ready to be reused for crafts, DIY projects, and more.  



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